Model T Speed Secrets The Fast Ford Handbook build & drive a speedster

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This book, THE reference for building or restoring fast Model Ts, was written by Murray Fahnestock, the "Dean of Vintage Ford Experts" – you might be familiar with his popular restoration book, "The Model T Ford Owner." Learn about Fast Fords from the primitive era in the teens to the heyday of the 1920s. Find out how-to instructions for reducing wind resistance, underslinging the chassis, increasing power, overhead valves, building a "Fronty-Ford" like those raced at Indy, driving tips from Indy drivers, wheels and tires, the steering gear, lowering the chassis, and body building for both speedsters and semi-speedsters. You will also learn how to soup up the engine by improving crankshaft balance & lubrication, creating accurate spark timing, reducing high speed vibration, and working on valves, heads, gear ratio, flywheel, and magnetos. 192 pages, 175 illustrations. New condition. Buy now to own this Model T speed reference.
Murray Fahnestock
"Model T Speed Secrets: The Fast Ford Handbook."
8.00 x 5.25 x 0.38 inches
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